Post to the General Ledger


Changes the posting in accounting status in the F0011 table to indicate that the selected batches are in use. This report shows detailed production costs and variance amounts for your work orders. This report lists all work orders and their planned variances . Journal entries for planned variances are calculated in the same way. This report lists standard, current, planned, actual, and completed units of work orders. This report lists standard, current, planned, actual, and completed amounts of work orders.

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If an invalid version is selected, the system displays an error message. If you do not set the processing options correctly, the system does not update the applicable tax information in the F0018 table. Set the Update Tax file processing option for any other post program in the base software that uses these versions. The Create Cash Basis Entries program creates entries for ledger type AZ and, if applicable, posts them to the F0911 table and updates the F0902 table. After posting all of the transactions for a batch, the program updates the status of the batch in the Batch Control Records table .

What is Posting in Accounting?

The program posts all of the approved batches at one time unless you use data selection to specify a batch, specific batches, or a range of batches. These reports help you review your production costs and variances. You might want to run them before you run Journal Entries for Variances, or you can run them after Journal Entries for Variances to verify the accuracy of the journal entries.

A general ledger helps to achieve this goal by compiling journal entries and allowing accounting calculations. The data is segregated on basis of type, into accounts for liabilities, assets, revenue, expenses and owner’s equity. The format has two sides namely debit and credit with the date of transaction, account by which it is debited or credit, the JF note and respective amounts. The accounting cycle is the series of operations that an entity undertakes for recording the financial events or transactions. It includes journalizing the transaction, posting in ledgers, and preparing a trial balance and financial statements.

Introduction for posting accounting definition

Create Burdening Transactions Version Specify the version of the Create Burdening Transactions program to use to update the Burdening Detail Ledger and the Burdening Summarized Ledger tables. If you leave this processing option blank, the Create Burdening Transactions program does not run and does not update the tables. 52 Period Post VersionSpecify the version of the 52 Period Accounting Post program to use to update the Account Balances and the Account Balances – 52 Period Accounting tables. If you leave this processing option blank, the 52 Period Accounting Post program does not run. This report shows the standard, actual, completed, and outstanding balance amounts by cost component and item for your completed work orders.

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1 Understanding the Financial Post Process

The final in the posting process is to check for mathematical and data transfer errors. Accounting software packages may reduce these errors through automation, but verifying the numbers is a prudent step that prevents errors from propagating to the financial statements. Also, Ledger posting segregates the nature of accounts and their balances which helps in making the financial statements i.e trial balance, profit and loss account and balance sheet. Posting accounting definition enables the company to know the balance of each account on a particular date.

  • Step 6 is to verify that the original journal entry has equal debits and credits.
  • Investors, stockholders, financial-rating agencies and the Internal Revenue Service want to know the information posted in ledgers at the end of the fiscal quarter or year for various reasons.
  • For example, to post vouchers from the menu, select Post Vouchers to G/L from the Supplier & Voucher Entry menu to access the Work With Batch Versions – Available Versions form.
  • In the double-entry bookkeeping method, financial transactions are initially recorded in the journal.
  • The main purpose of the accounting cycle is to ensure the accuracy and conformity of financial statements.
  • It is different in including transaction date and explanation columns.
  • Data selection occurs automatically, and system resources can be better utilized.